Neil Wolkodoff, PhD, Medical Program Director

Neil Wolkodoff, Ph.D., Medical Director, Colorado Center for Health & Sport Science doc

The director of the Colorado Center for Health & Sport Science is Neil Wolkodoff, Ph.D., who holds advanced an advanced certification from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM: Health Fitness Director). He has trained a variety of athletes including NFL, NHL, MLB, and Olympic athletes for more than 15 years and he works with athletes, novices and special needs athletes, including medical conditions that cause physiological impairments.

Over the past 4 years, in the same capacity at Rose Medical Center, he pioneered additional testing and training interventions that were then applied successfully with recreational exercisers to professional athletes.

Wolkodoff has served as an editor and a member of the certification committee for ACSM, and served in the same capacities for ACE. A former member of the certification committee for the NSCA, he was also State Director for Colorado, and was twice honored as State Director of The Year by NSCA.

Wolkodoff has been a pioneer in applying gas exchange and energy system testing (VO2 Max/AT/Lactate Threshold), to assess and design individual levels of performance. He performs these services with various professional athletes including the Denver Nuggets of the NBA.

His research projects include: energy expended during golf; the effects of pilates training; testing of exercise machine modalities for ergonomics and actual caloric expenditure; test modalities and their applicability to individual zones; comparisons of energy expenditures during walking versus jogging; real-time telemetry testing to measure energy expenditure for activities such as resistance training, golf and skiing; product efficiency tests where there is a high energy system component; and the effects of various popular individual and group exercise programs. In addition, he developed and is applying the award-winning EnergyZone interval-training program to both individual and group applications.

He has contributed articles to Golf Tips, Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, Shape, Men’s Fitness, American Health and Currently, he is also the book review editor & columnist for Fitness Management Magazine. He is the author of Core Powered Golf, Physical Golf and Body Logic published by KickPoint Press. Scheduled for release next in the series are Physical Skiing, Physical Golf for Women and Exercise Testing & Training.

Wolkodoff also speaks Russian, Norwegian, Arabic and Spanish.