Get fit faster, improve sports performance, health, and even your brain with the CCHSS training system. You will spend less time, get maximum results and have more fun than you ever had during exercise. As a older athlete to fight aging, how you exercise is just as important as getting enough exercise.

Dr. Wolkodoff has superior expertise and knowledge to apply to any exercise situation developed over the last 15 years through research and application. The assessment equipment used to develop your program is the same equipment used by Olympic and professional athletes to focus their efforts and performance.


We are the only program that integrates brain, thinking, vision, and coordination exercises into our program. If you exercise somewhere else, you can still go through sensory/visual, brain and coordination training at CCHSS.


The CCHSS exercise center is a results multiplier because of our proprietary equipment and research-proven training progressions. The CCHSS is the only program that combines scientifically based assessments like VO2 Max and Isokinetic Strength to direct programming and measure outcome. The result is directed effort that gets superior results in keeping your young and vital!


No matter what your fitness and sports performance goals, the CCHSS has an exercise & training program that will work with your schedule to get you to your goals.

CCHSS also provides physical education and tutoring for children and adolescents. We do assist those with learning disabilities as we can match exercise, coordination and visual directive skills for those who need extra attention. Often, children with these deficits can’t progress with sports and physical activity because they can’t understand the instructions or demonstrations. We work with one person at a time, and can tune into information paradigms that help the child understand and apply physical movement and sports.

For those athletes in individual sports, proper training is not often available in their school program as resources and time go to sports with a large participant base, such as football or basketball.

Specific sessions and programs are matched with your goals and available time.