The Colorado Center for Health & Sport Science (CCHSS) offers the most extensive medical fitness, sports profile and exercise services available in the Rocky Mountain Region.

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Golf: Practice Perfection = Performance Optimization

In golf, how you approach the game has quite a bit to do with outcome. You can’t just...
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Train the Brain

It’s no secret, as we get older we don’t think as fast. And, if you are a...
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The Everything Exercise?

There is a trend these days to have compound exercises fix just about everything in...
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Is Lactate Threshold Testing Worth Your Time

When LT Testing (LTT) started in Europe in the 70’s and 80’s, it was an inexpensive...
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Our unique blend of assessment and training services provide the same level of attention and direction normally reserved for Olympic athletes.
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Smart Steps

A phased assessment and exercise intervention program that over 3, 90 minute sessions provides body composition, VO2 Peak, Strength and Gait/Foot Analysis with exercise programming. After 8 weeks, you will be up and going with a personalized program that is tuned to your needs and exercise preferences.

Essentials Health/Performance Profile

Combines foot function, strength, power, balance, posture, walking mechanics, and VO2 Max. Compare yourself against average results for your gender/age group so you can focus your exercise efforts for greater weight loss or performance.

V02 Max

Not only measures fitness, but gives you a precise target heart rate plan for your metabolism so you can exercise with better results.