Cardiovascular Exercise Intensity is the Largest Factor in Determining Basic Health and Fitness Results! Recent research published by the Norwegian School of Exercise and Sport demonstrated that VO2 was the most important fitness variable in maintaining health.

We perform VO3 Peak Profiles which delve extensively into your best blend of aerobic and anaerobic or interval training. This added level of measurement results in superior results and tuning the program to your physiology!

This test is the one fitness/performance test that has demonstrated relevance to reduced risk of CHD according to the American College of Sports Medicine. At the recent annual conference, there was a call for this to be included as an adjunct to the annual physical for that reason.

The average heart rate formulas for measuring exercise intensity use 220-age as a number, however that does not fit 97% of the population. Monitoring your heart rate without knowing your true training zones means that training will have minimal impact on achieving your goals.

VO2cyclingThis 13-15 minute profile measures your aerobic and anaerobic abilities, and uses that information to determine training zones specific to your metabolic response to exercise, giving you maximum results per unit of time. Additionally, you will know precisely how many calories you burn in each zone. The ratio of anaerobic to aerobic fitness helps determine your overall training plan and needed blend of steady-state to sprint work, your readiness for sports performance, and even your ability to fight the aging process. No matter what your fitness level, this test will improve your results.

A lactate profile is an assessment option for those endurance athletes that want this specific measurement. However, for most athletes and exercisers, the information from the VO3 Max profile yields better information about training needs, individual training zones and your best training plan. For serious endurance athletes, Lactate Threshold can be added a separate profile.

Want to know what you burn during endurance or sports performance? The CCHSS can conduct a field test which will determine your ratio of carbohydrates/fats/protein used in your performance or training to enable better nutritional choices to aid performance. This profile is separate from, and performed after the VO3 Peak profile. This profile is most commonly performed in running, rowing and cycling.

We used on Oxycon Mobile to measure actual kcal burned!

We used on Oxycon Mobile to measure actual kcal burned!

At the CCHSS, Neil Wolkodoff, PhD has performed over 13,000 VO2 Peak profiles, and has an array of assessment equipment including a Vmax Encore and Oxycon Mobile, allowing for measurement of any exercise mode you might choose for exercise.

The session includes your goals analysis compared to current exercise schedule, the test, MMIQ/activity metrics, interpretation and 8-week personalized training plan.

TESTING COST: $275. All re-tests are only $125.


To schedule an appointment, or for more information, please contact the CCHSS via email or call 303-596-6519.

Please note: sub-maximal tests which are performed at many athletic clubs do not scientifically measure your abilities and levels; they project these numbers and are of limited value. VO2/VO3 Peak or Max testing is much more precise and valuable at determining exercise needs and levels.