What should you weigh?

Is your exercise program effective at maintaining muscle mass and your metabolism?

Segmental Analysis offers high-precision measurements of lean body mass by segment, body fat mass, total body water, BMI, and Basal Metabolic Rate. You get a comprehensive picture of your health, optimal weight and specific exercise needs.


This test lasts only 57 seconds, and uses electrical impedance of six frequencies to test five body segments and provide sectional obesity, muscular mass and body water data. Additionally, this technology has been scientifically verified to be just as accurate as a DXA scan and much more accurate than underwater weighing or other BIA devices. Body Mass Index or BMI has severe limitations on predicting ideal weight in general, and is specifically inaccurate for weight loss patients, seniors or athletes who possess greater bone density and increased muscular mass.

The CCHSS can track body composition results and changes over a period of time so you can see your progress towards your targeted numbers. The test measures how effective your exercise program is at not only maintaining ideal weight, but moreover how effective your program is at maintaining muscle mass and metabolism, both of which decline with age without proper training.

CCHSS is offering body composition analysis with this new segmental unit as a part of its comprehensive testing package or as a stand alone appointment.

This is also available as a single test with an exercise consultation for $125.

To schedule an appointment, or for more information, please contact the CCHSS or call 303-596-6519.